a fully-inhabited life

What is a fully-inhabited life and what does authenticity have to do with it? I might have argued at one point that it is a life absent from social media, existing in real-time. Now, though, I have been proved somewhat otherwise: I discovered the movement towards slow-living and mindfulness through blogs and Instagram. For me, slow-living means inhabiting to the fullest extent whatever season God has given me. It means fully inhabiting the mundanities- changing diapers, feeding pets, washing dishes- of every day life, fully inhabiting arguments and resolutions with my husband, fully inhabiting spiritual awakenings, and appreciating it all, simply, for what it is. In a word, gratefulness. If any of us are to live an authentic life, we must inhabit both good and bad, not rush head-long towards one, while turning away from the other. We must know that goodness tempers pain and difficulty, and hard times often herald the beginning of tremendous things. Join us on our journey as we attempt to slow down, reduce the excess, and inhabit every aspect of our trials and blessings alike.